Album: American Dream Machine (2011)

Song: Anomie

Bitrate: 192kbps

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As might be expected given their choice in names, Rubikon is a complex story of internecine war, ground meat products and baby making.

The band Rubikon was founded in late 2001 by a southern man and three northerners. Though clearly outgunned in the Civil War reenactment department, Mississippi cave dweller and singer Jae decided to stick it out and make some music up in the chilly environs of Boston that he called home for a while. Northern aggressors Hubes (bass), Diggs (drums/vocals) and DR (guitars) were clearly pleased with Jae's white flag of surrender and decided to start writing music with him. And music, my friends, was indeed written.

The band quickly emerged as something of a musical meat grinder, merging layers of progressive hard rock riffs, soaring melodic vocals, complex harmonic structures, mile-high atmospherics and claustrophobic metallic outbursts into a flavorful musical sausage. This audio sausage was released on a few mouth-watering EPs in 2001 and 2002, then skillfully aged into a full length album, 2004's "The Hollow Men". The band took their artisanal meat wares on the road and toured the country a bunch of times playing hundreds of shows to folks all across our righteous meat-eating nation.

In late 2005, the grinder was placed on the top shelf behind the mixing bowls - that is to say, Rubikon decided to take some time off from music and make babies, go to school, and age gracefully in a low- humidity mushroom cave to impart earthy textures and flavors to their music. In 2009, old friend and cheese merchant Josh roused the band from their slumber with a well-placed tickle - and music was made yet again. The Rubikon sausage mixed so well with Josh's cheese that he immediately joined the band on guitar, and Rubikon became a five-piece.

The newly revived Rubikon spent 2009 and 2010 writing and recording their new masterpiece, "American Dream Machine", which was released across the universe on March 15, 2011. Select shows will be played across said universe starting in April 2011, and it should be noted that the band will never refuse the well-worded invite to play weddings, bar/bat mitzvahs, or funerals worldwide.

Rubikon is back. Try some.